This Filipino word is from the Tagalog pronunciation of the English “candy.”

isang kendi
one candy

Pahingi ng kendi.
Let me have some candy.

Pabili ng kendi.
I’d like to buy candy. (spoken to a store clerk)

matamis na kendi
kending matamis

= sweet candy

maasim na kendi
kending maasim

= sour candy

Hindi ako kumakain ng kendi.
I don’t eat candy.

Ayaw ko ng kendi.
I don’t want candy.
I don’t like candy

Masama ang kendi sa ngipin.
Candy is bad for teeth.

Popular hard candies in the Philippines? Branded candies like Candyman Kendimint, Maxx Menthol, Frutos and White Rabbit!

Yema and Pastilyas are more traditional sweet delicacies with origins from the Spanish colonial period.

Bukayo and Pakumbo are native coconut “candies” (sugary treats?) of the Philippines!

For more about Filipino candy, visit and browse their Philippine / Pinoy candy page!


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